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Marathon® Brand

Maraton® Brand Gasolines featuring STP® Additives

Features of Marathon-Branded Gasoline:
Marathon gasoline has been developed with an emphasis on delivering a high-quality product to each of our customers. We are proud to offer you Marathon gasolines featuring STP Additives.

Benefits in all grades of Marathon gasolines:
Marathon gasolines with STP Additives deliver more than double the minimum EPA required dose of detergent additives.

Helps prevent deposit buildup – Deposit buildup can adversely affect engine performance and vehicle drivability. Compared to gasolines using only the minimum EPA required dose of detergent additives, Marathon gasolines with STP Additives are designed to help prevent the accumulation of performance-robbing intake valve deposits.

Helps maintain vehicle performance – With the advent of more sophisticated electronic engine controls, the presence of intake valve deposits can result in poor vehicle performance. Heavy deposits on an engine’s intake valves can cause momentary disruptions in fuel delivery when starting a cold engine, resulting in hesitation or stumble. In addition, intake valve deposits have been shown to disrupt the flow of the air/fuel mixture, which often leads to poor performance. Marathon gasolines with STP Additives help keep engine intake valves clean to maintain vehicle performance (compared to lower detergent gasolines).

Helps maintain fuel economy – Even with today’s sophisticated electronic engine and emission control systems, studies show that heavy deposits on an engines intake valves can cause fuel to be burned incompletely and less efficiently. This can lead to poor fuel economy. As stated by the U.S. EPA, “deposits in gasoline engines and fuel supply systems can increase harmful exhaust emissions and adversely affect vehicle fuel economy and drivability.” * Marathon gasolines with STP Additives help keep intake valves clean, which can lead to better fuel economy than gasolines with lower levels of detergent additives.

Helps control vehicle emissions – As stated by the U.S. EPA, “the effective control of deposits in gasoline engines and fuel supply systems has been shown to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide in engine exhaust, while enhancing fuel economy.”* Marathongasolines with STP Additives help keep intake valves clean. By helping keep intake valves clean, engines have fewer deposits, which can help lower harmful emissions.

Marathon gasolines with STP Additives will help control the formation of fuel intake system deposits, whether you use Marathon branded gasohol orMarathon branded gasolines without ethanol.

Marathon gasolines with STP Additives are safe for all 2- and 4-stroke gasoline engines.

Marathon gasolines should not be used in any type of aircraft.

Marathon licenses the STP® trademark from The Armor All/STP Products Company.

For information regarding a specific product, please refer to that product’s Material Safety Data Sheet

*In accordance with the U.S. Clean Air Act, section 211(1), United States Environmental Protection Agency, 40CFR Part 80, Final Rule – Regulation Fuels and Fuel Additives: Certification Standards for Deposit Control Gasoline Additives.


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