10-Month Budget Payment Plan

Thank you for considering our 10-Month Budget Plan. Our goal is to offer our customers a way to spread out their heating payments evenly over a 10 month period of time. Consistent monthly payments make it easy to budget for your fuel deliveries. With our Automatic Delivery Program, we determine when you need a delivery by using daily temperatures and average consumption, among other factors. You can relax and let us take care of the scheduling.

  • The plan has 10 equal payments due on the 10th of each month from August to May.
  • June is a settle-up month. You may owe a little extra, or you may have a credit on your account.
  • Save $0.07 per gallon! After we have delivered the final fill for the season, you will receive a 7 cent per gallon credit on your account. *Note: All budget payments need to be fulfilled to receive your discount.
  • There are no unforeseen large delivery payments.
  • The budget plan requires your oil tank to be full and your account balance at $0.00 on the start date.
  • See how our Budget Program gives you more control and flexibility as you pay for your monthly heating costs.

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